Never miss a day of language practice again.

Duolingo's new, in-person notifications can find you wherever you are. Ignore at your own risk.

Duolingo Push

Introducing Duolingo Push

We're taking push notifications out of your phone and into the real world! Duo the Owl will literally show up to remind you to practice. It's the green-glove treatment you've always wanted.

Select Your In-Person Reminder

Which Duo will you choose to bug you in real life?

Encouraging Duo

Encouraging Duo

You’re on a 4-day streak! Don’t lose it! You’ve come so far! Keep it up!!!

Disappointed Duo

Disappointed Duo

You’ve let Duo down. Who will be next? Your boss? Your best friend? Your Grandma Betty?!

Passive-Aggressive Duo

Passive-Aggressive Duo

Go on, keep scrolling social media. Let's see how much French that can teach you.

$50 /month

Early Testimonials

Duolingo user testimonial

“Duo appeared while I was on a second date. We didn’t make it to the third date, but I did make it to the third lesson of the Flirting skill in my French course!”

Ashley F.

Pittsburgh, PA

Duolingo user testimonial

"I was relaxing after a long day when that bloody owl knocked on my window at 11:55 pm. Almost had a heart attack, but at least my streak is alive and well!"

Oliver P.

London, UK

Duolingo user testimonial

“Duo found me while I was walking my dog and a tussle ensued. Green feathers everywhere! Luckily, I managed to save my dog’s life AND my German streak.”

Nadia R.

Istanbul, Turkey